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About us


Welcome to the site of company "KIBERNETIKA"!

   Our company specializes in the sphere of information technologies and application of computer facilities for the solving of practical tasks.


We create and we make:

  • The Internet Sites and the advertising companies in the Internet
  • A lining of information networks at offices and houses (wire, wireless and the Internet)
  • Assembly of computers
  • Installation, adjustment and support of the computer equipment (Servers, the Dates - centers)
  • Installation, adjustment and support of the License software
  • Consultation and training

   01.february.2012:  We have decided to open a web store our goods to go to our shop, click on this link mag.kibernetika.ru  we will be glad if you help us to form a variety of those products that you want to see in our store. Send us your suggestions and comments by e-mail: admin@kibernetika.ru

   The majority of the large Russian companies have their own websites for a long time already. It is also time for a small business to find it's own place in the Internet/ to find it's own island in the Internet - in the ocean of information! There is a plenty advantages for this. Nowadays the Internet is the most important part of business/ in up to day business. The world net gives a great opportunity to get the information. With the help of the Internet it is possible to get the information you need and even to make a purchase. The website takes an important role in marketing of the company. The business - site is an excellent way to promote your own business.

   We are ready to give you a hand in order to create the Site, to give a hosting, to install the necessary software and the equipment.

   If your company needs the help of professional in solving the problems of automation of working processes, our specialists are ready to help and use their whole experience to fulfill the needs of a customer.


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